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WeAll-seminaari Gender in Male-Dominated Organizations Jyväskylässä 6.11.2019 | WeAll
Tutkimuksella kohti tasa-arvoista työelämää

WeAll-seminaari Gender in Male-Dominated Organizations Jyväskylässä 6.11.2019


WeAll-hankkeen kansainvälinen seminaari Gender in Male-Dominated Organizations järjestetään Jyväskylän yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulussa 6. marraskuuta 2019. Seminaarin kieli on englanti.

In this seminar, we explore women’s agency and identity construction in male-dominated organizations. We also examine ways to disrupt the prevailing gender order and how to increase equality.

The seminar consists of keynote talks by Patricia Lewis (Kent Business School) and Marja Vehviläinen (Tampere University), and a panel discussion.

Please visit our website for more information on the programme and speakers. 

Please register for the seminar here by October 18th 2019. The seminar is free of charge and fits ~50 people.

We also host a doctoral seminar (Tuesday 5 November 2019, 14.15-17.45) with Patricia Lewis. The seminar is part of doctoral school activities at JSBE. The seminar consists of Dr. Lewis’ lecture on the topic of Using postfeminism as a framework for research and workshop activities. The seminar is free of charge but there is space for a limited number of participants. We kindly ask doctoral candidates interested to join the doctoral seminar to sign up by sending an email to doctoral-studies-jsbe@jyu.fi  by October 15th, 2019. Doctoral seminar participants will be provided with more detailed information closer to the event. 


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