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HU News: WeAll em­phas­ises com­munity en­gage­ment and re­search equally

The WeAll project, which has received the Academy of Finland’s strategic funding, takes community engagement seriously. Researchers in the project agree to public appearances whenever possible. The needs and wishes of partners also impact research topics.

“High-standard research and community engagement are equally important in our project. We are doing community engagement in a new way, in close cooperation with our partners and stakeholders,” says Associate Professor Marjut Jyrkinen, who heads the WeAll project.

The WeAll project studies the professional opportunities of diverse groups of people. The world of work is studied from an intersectional perspective, considering age, gender, social status, ethnicity, sexual orientation and geographical location.

WeAll received funding from the Academy of Finland’s Strategic Research Council (SRC) during the first application round in 2015, and so far, it is the only such project to be coordinated by the University of Helsinki. Next year, three new SRC-funded projects will be launched at the University.

Listen­ing to part­ners

“We listen carefully to our partners, and remain open to their ideas,” says DPhil Mira Karjalainen, who is the research coordinator for the project.

“High-standard research and community engagement are equally important in our project.”

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