Tutkimuksella kohti tasa-arvoista työelämää

Gender + sex = gex?


It is important to discuss scientific concept in a deeper level. In his presentation, on 16th March 2017 professor emeritus Jeff Hearn analysed concepts, such as, gender, organisation and diversity and demonstrated the complexity of these concepts. One example of this is the concept gender. There has been increased criticism towards the concept of gender, while simultaneously its use in and outside academia has been widely established. As one solution Hearn offered the concept gex that is an umbrella term than includes refers to different ways in which gender and sex may be related to each other, or not.


Jeff Hearn gave a presentation at Hanken in GODESS-institute’s seminar about the Institute’s history and its focus. GODESS Institute combines research on gender, organisations, diversity, intersectionality, equality, social sustainability and transnationalisation. In his presentation Hearn discussed different ways of approaching these concepts and the relations between them.


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