Tutkimuksella kohti tasa-arvoista työelämää

Njoki Githieya: “The injustice of stereotypes” this Thursday at the WeAll “Pressure as a Catalyst for Change?” seminar


Njoki Githieya, representing Monika – Multicultural Women’s Association,  will be speaking at the WeAll “Pressure as a Catalyst for Change?” seminar this Thursday at Hanken. The seminar will be held at the
Hanken Festsalen from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm and is open to the public. Leading up the seminar, we wanted to ask Njoki Githieya about her current research focus.

What is your current research focus in and how does it relate to the themes of the WeAll project?

My current research is focused on “the perception of vulnerable and minority groups” specifically the refugee crisis and how positive or negative perception influences and affects the spaces in which they exist and interact.

I am interested in creating spaces in which marginalized groups receive equal opportunity to compete and exist in a diverse society with access to equality and non-discrimination, my aim is to speak up for the “other” dispel stereotypes and propose a new approach for interaction. Building trusting relationships therefore increasing the success of integration and diversity in my community. Exposing and challenging the cultural, economic and political underbelly will advance further the themes of the WeAll project.

In your opinion, why are the themes researched in the WeAll project especially crucial in the context of the Finnish society today?

It is critical that these discussions are encouraged and protected in an increasingly polarized world. Debate creates dialogue and an opportunity to change an opinion or influence policy. Which is simply another step closer to equality and diversity. There is a staggeringly low absorption rate of minority groups into professional emloyment sectors in Finland, is this not impetus for us to identify why and propose solutions that encourage positive change?

We look forward to Njoki Githieya’s presentation “The Injustice of Stereotypes”. To see the full seminar program please visit here. We look forward to an engaging afternoon!



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