(Re)searching for Equality in Working Life

Contact information and research team

WeAll project builds on a multidisciplinary research consortium (organisation and management studies, gender studies, sociology, political science, administration studies, educational sciences, youth studies, ethnology and rural studies). The members of the consortium have over a decade’s experience of and fruitful and successful collaboration in many national and international research and R&D projects.


University of helsinki

Marjut Jyrkinen

Research Director, PhD, Professor (Adjunct)
  • marjut.jyrkinen(@)helsinki.fi
  • +358 50 3185561
  • KEYWORDS age, gender, career, working life, diversity

Mira Karjalainen

Head of stakeholder relations, Research Coordinator, PhD, Adjunct Professor
  • mira.karjalainen(@)helsinki.fi, Twitter: @MiraKarjalainen
  • +358504489488
  • KEYWORDS blurring boundaries of work, spiritualities, gender

Jukka Lehtonen

Senior Researcher, PhD, dos.
  • jukka.p.lehtonen(@)helsinki.fi
  • +358 294 122 832
  • KEYWORDS sexuality, gender diversity, educational and career choices, intersectionality, worklife discourses

Tytti Steel

Postdoctoral Researcher
  • tytti.steel(@)helsinki.fi
  • +358 294 123 310
  • KEYWORDS gender, class, age, diversity, employment, mentoring, participatory action research

Henri Hyvönen

Postgraduate student, MA
  • henri.t.hyvonen(@)helsinki.fi
  • KEYWORDS men and masculinities, corporality, coping at work

Hanken school of economics

Charlotta Niemistö

Postdoctoral Researcher
  • charlotta.niemisto(@)hanken.fi
  • +358 40 5244088
  • KEYWORDS boundaries between work and non-work, work-life balance, coping at work, gender, age

Annamari Tuori

Postdoctoral Researcher
  • annamari.tuori(@)hanken.fi
  • +358 41 4514046
  • KEYWORDS silence in organisations, work-related identities, intersectionality, inequalities

Jeff Hearn

Professor Emeritus in Management and Organisation
  • hearn(@)hanken.fi
  • +358 0503412114
  • KEYWORDS gender; equality; diversity and intersectionality; management; organisations

Ruralia institute (university of helsinki)

Sami Kurki

Director, professor
  • sami.p.kurki(@)helsinki.fi
  • +358 500 811 232
  • KEYWORDS rural, sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation

Merja Lähdesmäki

Senior Researcher, PhD
  • merja.lahdesmaki(@)helsinki.fi
  • +358 50 415 1155
  • KEYWORDS small business, rurality, immigration, corporate social responsibility

Timo Suutari

Postgraduate student, M. Sc. Admin
  • timo.m.suutari(@)helsinki.fi
  • +358 50 415 1161
  • KEYWORDS small business, rurality, immigration, innovation and knowledge work

University of jyväskylä

Anna-Maija Lämsä

Professori, varajohtaja, KTT
  • anna-maija.lamsa(@)jyu.fi
  • +358 40 576 7823
  • KEYWORDS gender, leadership, business ethics, career, work-family relationship

Emilia Kangas

Postgraduate student
  • emilia.e.kangas(@)student.jyu.fi
  • +358 408 054 225
  • KEYWORDS gender, leadership, fatherhood, career, work-family relationship

Suvi Heikkinen

Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD
  • suvi.s.heikkinen(@)jyu.fi
  • +358 40 805 3319
  • KEYWORDS Work and family integration, careers, working life, sustainable management and leadership, diverse work force, innovativeness

Dan Nie

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Jyväskylä
  • +358 45 3554970
  • KEYWORDS gender, leadership, business ethics, work-family relationship

Shabnam A. Shaikh

Ph.D. student
  • shabnam.a.shaikh@jyu.fi
  • +358 46 5730009
  • KEYWORDS Gender; Collaborative leadership; Diverse work force; Work-related ethical values

Scientific Expert Group

Jean Helms Mills

Professor St. Mary’s University, Adjunct Professor University of Jyväskylä and University of Eastern Finland, International Reader Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki,
  • KEYWORDS sociology of knowledge; gender and organizations; management and organizational history; organizational culture; intersectionality; critical sensemaking

Linda McKie

Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, and Dean/Head of School for the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

Albert Mills

Professor of Management, Saint Mary’s University and 0.2 Professor of Innovation, University of Eastern Finland
  • KEYWORDS sociology of knowledge; gender and organizations; diversity at work; management and organizational history; organizational culture; intersectionality

Raminta Pučėtaitėn

Associate Professor Kaunas University of Technology and Vilnius University, Adjunct Professor University of Jyväskylä
  • KEYWORDS organisation, business ethics, leadeship, social responsibility, diversity